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Mountain Lion Sightings & Hunting Memories WV.


  1. I’m actually still a little bewildered as to what I saw less than an hour ago. I was on a winding road near my house, headed to the grocery store. At first I thought it was a deer as we have many here in my West Virginia neighborhood. It wasn’t. It leapt from the left side of the car, across the road in two leaps and into the scrub brush on the other side. It was tall, long, with a whip like tail. A short rusty coat with no white. I ruled out fox immediately as I’ve seen my fair share. Too tall also. Deer like legs but had a running gait like a cat. Its snout was long and it had large upright ears. It definitely wasn’t a mountain lion or even a domestic dog. I have no idea what I witnessed.

  2. I was deer hunting tue in wv in braxton county on coon creek and saw a mountian lion cross the road on my property .

  3. My father grew up in Pendleton county WV. He saw a black one on spruce knob. My cousin also grew up there and said she had seen black and yellow ones and the black ones would keep a distance but walk parallel with the kids to school. This was the 1940’s through the 1960’s

  4. I live in Pendleton County and just heard and saw a mountain lion this morning. Was walking my dog and first heard it, didn’t know what made that noise, so keep walking but then saw it with an animal it had killed an was growling at us to leave so we did.

    1. I was walking on the Laurel Battlefield Trail at the Belington, Barbour County Reservoir. Began walking up the steep hill. Looked up at top of the hill. Gracefully crossing the path I saw a tawny cat 2 feet high. It stopped and turned my way. It had a long tail. It seemed young but assured. I had my camera but was so amazed. I just stood and took it all in.

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  6. The highschool I went to has a taxidermied mountain lion displayed in the front of the school. It was hit by a car near backbone mountain years ago and years ago. The guy took the cat and took it to a taxidermist, then donated it to the school.

  7. My daughter and I saw a mountain lion crossing the road as we were coming off Exit one to turn left to go home to Lovely, KY via 52 (we had just left H’ton mall). I couldn’t believe it! I wish I had told my daughter to get her cam but we were just in awe, and then it was gone 🙁 – Adrian S.

  8. I’m sorry I’m only just now seeing this site. In the 80’s and 90’s I frequently backpacked in and around the Dolly Sods Wilderness region, often using unmarked trails and occasionally bushwhacking. On a midsummer trip in 1987 a friend and I were sitting on a ridge taking a break and as we were looking back down the fire break we’d just been hiking on, a full grown mountain lion casually walked across, perfectly at ease and undisturbed by our presence. I recall my immediate reaction of surprise and disbelief because it was so unexpected. Like, what we saw didn’t completely sink in until it was gone. An amazing experience.

  9. This happened in Crystal Block hollow in Sarah Ann, WV. I was 12 way back in 1989 when a friend, my brother and me decided to go across the creek behind our house and climb the hill up tothe 1st tram road which is very close to the house. I do not care if anyone else says they don’t exist here. As soon as we got to the tram road I turned to my right then froze as I locked eyes with a black mountain lion. It was no more than 20 feet from me. I saw the entire left side of this big cat’s body as it was just looking towards us. I have ran into every known large mammals during my 43 years of of hunting in these hills. All 3 of us know what it was and no amount of information will make me believe different. Unless there are bobcats that grow to almost 3 feet at the shoulders and weigh around 150 lbs. But I know better.

  10. I’m often asked about my favorite hunt. Some have been better than others, one of my best hunting memories was Thursday, November 28, 1968 home from the marine corps for a 30 days leave before heading for Viet Nam, the first time I never tagged a buck. I love West Virginia mountain hunting, the climbing, and stalking in the Cranberry Wilderness, winter also comes early and can be cruel and unforgiving so winter hunting is truly a high-stakes game in the Cranberry Backcountry but haven for animals such as bobcats, foxes and black bear. The snow had picked up significantly again, when we encountering a cougar, the face of a cougar stared back at us some several yards away. We looked at each other in quiet assessment for just a moment before the cougar turned, crashing into the underbrush. I would never shoot a mountain lion in West Virginia, they are too rare and I don’t think it’s legal.

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