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  1. This song was so much needed. No matter what your politics if this don’t touch your soul nothing else will.

    Oliver Anthony – Rich Men North Of Richmond

  2. I have a medal listed on your site and I am looking to find a home for it! I can’t post it due to size restrictions. PRESENTED BY THE CITIZENS OF RICHWOOD. NICHOLAS COUNTY, W. VA. IN GRATEFUL RECOGNITION OF PATRIOTIC SERVICES IN THE WORLD WAR

  3. Indeed, when I listen to Take Me Home, Country Roads, I actually feel sad. I Haven’t been home in years.

  4. The name of the lone majorette in your pictures of the 1950 Drum and Bugle Corp is Linda Little Dial.
    She became a majorette in the Richwood High School Band and the Marshall College Band.

  5. Hi, I’m a writer considering using Richwood as a setting for a fantasy novel, anyone have any clever name ideas that relate to the towns history?

  6. Greetings,

    Does anyone remember a drive in near Richwood that was operating in the mid 90’s? My grandparents lived on a mountain near Richwood and took us to see a movie there in the summer of ’95. I’d be grateful if anyone has any more information about it or pictures.

    Thank you!

    1. I remember 3 drive in Theatres, Richwood Drive In Theatre at Holcomb, Craigsville drive in Theatre at Craigsville and Nettie Drive in Theatre, I would think it would be Richwood Drive in Theatre at Holcomb, that’s all I know, No Pictures.

  7. Check out John Rich’s new single “Progress.” An instant favorite!

    Progress – Single by John Rich

  8. Historic West Virginia Catholic church burned to ground by arsonist, Beaver, Raleigh County, West Virginia

  9. This is why we get higher gas prices. Manchin Confronts Haaland with Statement from Her Dept on Drilling

    They stop Drilling

  10. Somebody Hit the Bottle. This country needs new blood not old millionaires making chooses for all of us.

    1. My last ride was on a Honda CB750, 53 years ago. Things were different back then, but The Gateway to the Monongahela National Forest always been full of adventure, history, and culture. “Let the adventure begin.”

    1. “For God’s sake, this man cannot do his job.” Worst president in my lifetime.
      (1) His war on fossil fuels helped drive domestic production down and gasoline prices through the roof. Current Avg. $4.225 for Regular
      (2) He showed weakness in the face of Russian aggression against Ukraine.
      (3) He unleashed the worst border crisis in U.S. history, more than 1.6 million encounters with migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border in 2021. “This Only Help keep Low Wage for american workers”.
      (4) He greenlighted Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany.
      (5) He put the safety of U.S. service members at the Kabul airport in the hands of the Taliban and Haqqani network, a decision that led to the deaths of 13 Americans in a suicide attack.
      (6) U.S. COVID-19 Deaths in 2021 Surpass 2020 Total
      (7) He left hundreds of U.S. citizens and as many as 62,000 of our Afghan allies behind enemy lines
      (8) U.S. Inflation February 2022: Hits 40-Year High of 7.9%

      This list only scratches the surface. This is my opinion, did Biden really recieve more than 81 million votes in 2020?

      1. The Biden-⁠Harris Administration and Nancy Pelosi made history!!! “again” Gas prices are now the most expensive in US history, breaking record from 2008.

  11. Donald Trump’s new social media venture, Truth Social, appears set to launch in Apple’s App Store on Monday February 21, 2022

  12. Richwood is going to be like Thurmond, West Virginia in the near future. The Biden administration made this coal-run town obsolete.

  13. “Lets Go Brandon”

    The Biden administration announced that Americans can begin ordering free at-home COVID-19 rapid tests starting Jan. 19, Haven’t received my free four rapid tests as of February 1, 2022.

    Trump actually spoke to the American people directly and you always knew he stood for all Americans.

  15. Biden calls Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a ‘stupid son of a bitch’ over a question about inflation and the midterms. You’ve surely noticed that journalists aren’t calling Biden out on this.

  16. When I lived in LaFrank many yrs ago as a young girl. the rock was called simply, the fishing rock.

  17. I’ve listened to many versions of this song. This is the best by far.

    Take Me Home, Country Roads – The Petersens (LIVE)

  18. Philipp Caternaz, Billybob, Douglas, Are these names the same person. You’re foolish, every one leave a IP address. Your IP address is like your telephone number. A person you call can see your telephone number in his/ her phone’s caller ID.

    Bob, and George Void, foolish too!

  19. Hello, blog owner here.

    please stop leaving troll comments on my blog, i will have to delete them if they get out of hand

  20. Former President Trump and his wife, Melania attending game 4 of World Series in Atlanta and did the tomahawk chop.

  21. ‘Who really runs this country?’ They doing a terrible job.

    ‘What am I doing here’: Biden stumbles again during CNN Town Hall event

  22. Crocodile Dundee
    Paul Hogan, 81 leaving Los Angeles, California today where Homelessness is Out of Control in Los Angeles and open US borders is Worsening Homeless Crisis.

  23. America Wakes Up – Joe Has Been Lying to You This Whole Time, Joe not a ‘Good Catholic,’ or a Good liar
    Does this give you hope? Or does it anger you?

  24. “Blood on My Hands”
    John Ondrasik pens new song critical of Joe Biden, US withdrawal from Afghanistan titled ‘Blood On My Hands’

    1. Marine officer who blasted leaders over Afghanistan withdrawal now in the brig
      “He ask the questions that everybody was asking themselves, but they were too scared to speak out loud.”

    1. I was there in the 50’s and 60’s and I remember the Corp of Engineers dredged the Cherry River and wipeout many good fishing spots, I know this first-hand, spent many a 8 hr days fishing from that rock, in the area of Lafrank WV. at Little Laurel Creek and Cherry river, less than a miles from downtown Richwood.

      1. $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, Sen. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema U.S. Senate from Arizona is right this will be a “heavy burden” on the economy.

  25. I grew up in the village of Trout on the other side of Cold Knob Mountain at the end of Greenbrier Road. I am a self published Tamarack approved author. I have my fifth published book nearly ready for the printers now and all pertain in some way to Greenbrier County. This one is about Kenos Douglas, son of Joshua and Nancy Hart. He was accused of and convicted, after three trials and sent to Moundsville for murder of Tom Reed at a wood chopping near Trout on Christmas day in 1893. I just found your site and read some interesting comments that I think are true but some are way off base. Joshua and Nancy lived in Trout for some years after the war and I have always been interested in her exploits.

    1. Nancy was a celebrity in her own time, but her legend only grew after her death thanks to Jim Comstock, Edith Hemingway, Jacquelin Shields, and old-timers, like Randall Whytsell. Historically, there is actually very little we know about Nancy after the civil war. There are historical fiction books about Nancy Hart and the the civil war which is a combination of real events and fictional events.

      1. I’ve heard some about Jim Comstock from my dad, I think I’m his great nephew. I know he wrote the WV Hillbilly but I haven’t been able to find much on what he wrote about outside of it being a joke paper. I’d love to talk to y’all about it and local culture and history in general, there’s a lot of wisdom to be learned from the older generations.

        1. Simply put, I would describe Comstock “Hillbilly Weakly Publication” as a sensationalistic journalism newspaper about West Virginia lore which helped me understand what it means to be a West Virginian.

  26. Can you tell me where the section of Richwood called LaFrank is located? My father was born there in 1922 and he is buried in the Richwood Cemetery and I am trying to find out more information about him as he died when I was a baby.

    1. La Frank is located within the City limits of Richwood, one mile from downtown heading west on Route 39.

    1. There Actually WAS A Darryl’s Barbershop On Main Street, my husband got a hair cut their. “I’ve been visiting with a friend at Little Laured” he catch sayings I, drove more than 500 miles for a haircut.

  27. Can anyone remember Burger shop at Northern Hotel in the late 60’s early 70’s? The owner was an coal miner’s wife, I think she lived on Riverside Drive.

  28. They was talking about this on the Evening News, West Virginia More Efficient Than the Federal Government …The first state in the nation to finish offering the vaccines to all nursing home facilities, doing so before the end of 2020. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 205,000 COVID-19 doses of the shots have been distributed and more than 134,000 doses have been administered in the state. A lot of really smart people here getting it done.
    “You’re very creative.”

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